Music composer Amaal Mallik.. Image Source: IANS

May 04 : Bollywood is all glitz and glamour for the outside world but inside there are many celebrities who are not able to cope up with hectic schedules, fame and the constant pressures to be in front of the camera every time.

Singer and composer had spoken about his mental health earlier this year and now he has shared an emotional post talking about the same.

Sharing a photo of him looking all wrecked from February 2021, he wrote, "Life is all about moving forward....It all looks perfect from far to the people who don’t know my reality...People only see the success, the stardom & the adulation I receive....But does anybody have even the slightest idea about the sacrifices, the self belief, the emotional trauma, the everyday fight I have to have with myself to be wherever I am today? I doubt...May god give the same success and more to every person who feels I’ve had it easy so that one day they realise that it’s all momentary and there’s so much more to life than that. Grateful to my family, my friends I call family & my #Amaalians"

Thanking everyone who supported him to sail through these days, he wrote," Can't even believe this picture. This is how screwed up I was in february 2021. Mentally I was losing the plot. Health was on the decline, over worked with 6 songs &  emotionally I had become a wreck. But I didn't give uo. Thanks to my family, my close friends & #Amaalians who helped me through the most difficult days of my life."

The singer composer went on a self sabbatical in 2017 and rejected many big film offers that came his way. He made a comeback this year with Parineeti Chopra's 'Saina.

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