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May 05 : After Kangana Ranaut was banned on Twitter on Tuesday, Bollywood celebs reacted in different ways. In one surprising response, two popular Bollywood fashion designers refused to work with Kangana forever. 

Celeb fashion designers Anand Bhushan and Rimzim Dadu issued statements on their respective social media accounts and confirmed that they are disassociating themselves and their brands with Kangana Ranaut.

Anand Bhushan took to Twitter and issued a statement that read, “In view of certain events today, we have taken a decision to remove all collaboration images with Kangana Ranaut from our social media channels. We also pledge never to be associated with her in any capacity in the future. We as a brand do not support hate speech.”

Rimzim Dadu, on the other hand, took to her Instagram stories and shared a picture with Kangana and said, “Never too late to do the right thing! We are removing all posts of past collaboration with Kangana Ranaut from our social channels and pledge to not engage in any future association with her.”

Image Source: Instagram/rimzimdaduofficial

Rimzim Dadu refuses to work with Kangana Ranaut

Actor Swara Bhasker applauded the move taken by Anand and Rimzim and tweeted, “Pleasantly surprised to see this! Kudos to you @AnandBhushan & #RimzimDadu for calling out hate speech and incitement to genocide in a direct manner! Stand tall you guys!”

On the other hand, veteran actress Rekha took to Twitter and wrote, “Seriously Anand. You know for a fact, that she is the finest actor of our generation.”

Reacting to Rekha’s post, a Twitter user commented, “Yes he is serious and Hundred points symbol right we can't tolerate the hatemonger each and every time ... We have a way to express out thoughts but we can't justify violence... Finest actor ?? Are you okay .. people took celebrity as a role model do you want people to follow her and do violence??

The fashion designers reacted to Twitter’s decision to “permanently suspend” Kangana's account for her “hate” tweets on the West Bengal assembly election results. Twitter suspended her account for “repeated violations” of its rules.

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