Saahil Uppal: Grateful that my work is keeping me busy, distracted. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, May 9 : Actor Saahil Uppal says that he is grateful to have work this year unlike last year's lockdown.

The actor, who is part of the show "Pinjara Khubsurati Ka", says that his work is helping him not think about the pandemic all the time.

"I stay informed to a point where I don't feel anxious. This year, my work is also keeping me busy and distracted for which I am extremely grateful, unlike last year when I was sitting at home much like many others... I am also doing meditation to keep myself calm, think positive and stay focused," he told IANS.

The actor adds that he is also making sure to take good care of himself and his family in order to safeguard themselves from Covid.

"I follow a healthy diet and exercise regime, and most importantly I am staying close to my family and staying in touch with all my loved ones," he says.

He adds that there are some members of his family who are suffering from Covid.

"Saying from personal experience, Covid is real. Some members of my family are infected and it is painful to see them in this state. Healthcare workers and police are paying a heavy price in this battle, so let's not make the scenario any more difficult for them. Please follow all the guidelines, stay connected with your loved ones and reach out to people in need. Help them in your best capacity. We are all in this together and we will combat Covid soon," he says.

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