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Aries Horoscope: Your resolve to get back in shape is admirable. An investment opportunity needs to be weighed properly, before committing your money. Pressure of work that you had been feeling for the past few days is set to increase.

Children will be a source of much joy today. A long vacation with partner is indicated for some. Stars appear favourable if planning to buy or sell a property.

Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Colour: Royal Blue

Taurus Horoscope: Those feeling unwell for sometime are likely to recover quickly. The time is ripe to add to your financial assets. Work related issues may take up a lot of your time today. You will need to find time for visiting a tourist destination with family. A chance of going abroad for studies becomes a reality for some. Getting something done to set your house in order is indicated. You may find yourself in an introspective mood today.

Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Colour: Violet

Gemini Horoscope: Someone close at work will take most of the workload off your shoulders. You are likely to get a chance to spend an enjoyable time with someone close today. Overwork or some other strenuous activity can take its toll on health. Spending without a set plan is likely to make you touch savings. Those seeking a break from the routine can expect to go on an enjoyable vacation. A new acquisition will meet your aim of keeping up with the Joneses. You are likely to find the day favourable.

Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Colour: All Shades of Green

Cancer Horoscope: Daily workouts promise to work wonders for your health, but you will need to be regular. Earning is likely to improve and will help ward off an expected financial crunch. You can feel neglected and ignored by people who matter on the work front. A lot is happening on the home front, so expect to enjoy an exciting time today. Commuting can eat into your leisure time today. Moving to a new location will be like a breath of fresh air.

Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Colour: Cream

Leo Horoscope: You will take positive steps towards achieving perfect health. Those in business may need to plan out their strategy in detail for beating the competition. You will be in a position to earn well and party hard! Giving time to spouse today may become important, so don’t ignore. Hopping to tourist places in the city may be on your mind. You may need to wait for some more time for selling a property as there may not be many takers. Happy memories are likely to keep you in a cheerful mood.

Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Colour: Off White

Virgo Horoscope: Peak physical fitness is assured for those working out. Some of you may be putting in extra hours just to add to your earnings. Support of a well wisher at work will prove a morale booster and lighten the workload. Spending money may become an issue with spouse. Pilgrimage may help in evolving spiritually. Those who have applied for a house or plot may not prove lucky in the draw. Those fond of the luxuries of life, will get a chance to indulge in their favourite pastime.

Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Colour: Magenta

Libra Horoscope: Choosing the best from several health options may appear confusing, but go in for them anyway. Your initiative to open new avenues of earning may meet with partial success. There is an excellent opportunity awaiting some on the business front. Support of family members is yours for the asking as love is showered on you. Finishing touches may keep you occupied before moving in the house.

Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Colour: Red

Scorpio Horoscope: You will need to keep stress levels in check to remain healthy. You will find luck on your side in a financial deal. Chances of bagging a lucrative assignment look real, so keep at it. Some turbulence on the domestic front is in store, but don't escalate matters. Smooth going is indicated for those on a long journey. Stars advise you to stay alert on the property front.

Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Colour: Light Yellow

Sagittarius Horoscope: A lucrative investment opportunity can tempt you, but take the suggestions of others before putting in money. Your skills and expertise will prove your biggest assets in getting established in a new job. A wedding of a close family member is likely to be solemnised and get you all excited. Take more care of your health. A much-anticipated trip threatens to leave you all tired and fatigued.

Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Colour: Royal Blue

Capricorn Horoscope: Your initiative to take up some sport or physical activity is likely to lead you to peak fitness. A financial issue is likely to be go in your favour. Doing a lot of legwork now on the professional front to secure a deal may prove too little, too late. A family member may add to your prestige by his or her achievements. A journey to leverage business prospects can prove profitable.

Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Colour: Gray

Aquarius Horoscope: This is a good day to pursue matters pertaining to health. It is best to consult knowledgeable people before going in for investments. Your cool and calculated moves will keep those who matter on the professional front happy. Witnessing an event with family is on the cards for some and will prove most enjoyable. A well planned trip promises a great time. Those at loggerheads regarding a property will find an amicable solution.

Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Colour: Peach

Pisces Horoscope: You manage to retain perfect health. A lucrative investment opportunity can tempt you, but take the suggestions of others before putting in money. Support of a well wisher at work will prove a morale booster and lighten the workload. Constant interruptions are likely to prevent you from having a relaxing time at home. Travelers will experience a smooth journey. Real estate agents can get hard pressed for offering discounts.

Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Colour: All Shades of Green

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