S. Senthilkumar, Siddha unproven for Covid treatment, says DMK MP says DMK MP. (Twitter). Image Source: IANS News

Chennai, May 18 : DMK Member of Parliament S. Senthilkumar has expressed concern at the Tamil Nadu government opting for "unproven" Siddha medicine for Covid-19 treatment.

In a recent tweet, Senthilkumar, who represents the Dharmapurai Lok Sabha constituency and is a practicing radiologist, said: "DMK is a progressive rational party, "It's very sad to see Govt indulging in unscientific unproven non-clinical trials like Siddha medicine for COVID treatment or no evidence of proven steam inhalation is being done which are at time of this pandemic wasting man resources." In another tweet, Senthilkumar, tagging the Chief Minister's Office, said there should be a team of eminent doctors from the government and the IMA and an advisory committee "to do things in a scientific manner based on modern scientific research based medicine".

However, a day after his tweets, state Municipal Administration Minister K.N. Nehru on Monday inaugurated a 200-bed Siddha treatment centre for Covid-19 patients at the premises of the American College in Madurai.

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