Supreme Court of India. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter). Image Source: IANS News

Gurugram, June 12 : The Supreme Court's latest order regarding the demolition drive against an illegal construction in the Aravalli hill area of Khori Gaon, Faridabad, has boosted the morale of the Gurugram forest department.

A forest department official told IANS that they will soon go through the top court's order regarding the demolition drive in Faridabad village and will produce a copy of the order in the Gurugram district court. They informed the court that all constructions in the Aravalli region are illegal.

Moreover, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had issued an order in August 2020 to demolish all illegally built farmhouses and other construction on forest land in the Aravalli hill region by January 31, 2021.

The most number of illegal constructions on the Aravalli range are from Gurugram to Sohna. It is reported that nearly 434 farms are built on forest land. The farmhouses were to be demolished as per the order by January 31 but the owners of some farmhouses filed a petition in the court which is still pending.

The officials said most of the farmhouses built on forest land are in Gwal Pahari, Gairatpur Bas and Sohna areas.

The forest officials informed that the next hearing on the application filed in the district court against the demolition of farmhouses built on forest land will be held on October 19.

They said the Supreme Court has made it clear in one of its orders in 2002 that the entire Aravalli hill area is a forest area and no construction is allowed here.

"The forest department is ready to conduct demolition drive in Aravalli protected land as per the NGT order but many farmhouse owners went to court. During the hearing on October 19, complete information related to the orders of the Supreme Court will be placed before the district court. The forest department is ready at every level to demolish illegal constructions," Karmaveer Malik, a forest department official, told IANS.

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