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Gurugram, June 17 : Given the increasing cases of cyber fraud in Gurugram, the district administration has issued an advisory and appealed to the residents that they should be cautious about the links coming through WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS.

"They can be fake and clicking on it you can be a victim of a cyber cheat," a district administration official said on Thursday.

According to data from the police, 35 cyber fraud cases have been registered in Gurugram this year so far while the figure was 195 in the previous year.

"People have been requested not to share their personal information on social media platforms and not to click on suspicious links. It can make them a victim of a cheat," Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram Yash Garg said.

He said that taking advantage of the corona epidemic, cyber fraudsters are skimming money from bank accounts. So, avoid opening online messages on Covid-19.

"Such cybercriminals are befooling people by saying donation through fake UPI ID. Do not deposit money in any non-verified account and avoid this type of cheat messages," Garg said.

Garg asserted that the cyber cheats are fooling people in the name of selling healthcare products including face masks, sanitisers and others.

"The cyber fraudsters are adopting new techniques to cheat people like they used to create fake Facebook or even website pages similar to an official website of any reputed organisations. The cybercriminals are committing fraud in the name of home delivery as well," Garg said.

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