When performing 'kanyadaan' in TV show made Reena Kapoor emotional. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, June 17 : Performing a 'kanyadaan' scene in the show "Ranju Ki Betiyaan" made actress Reena Kapoor emotional.

Reena, who plays Ranju in the show, will be seen performing the sequence at her eldest daughter Shalu's wedding, a ritual that is traditionally performed by the men in the family.

"Recently, we shot a wedding sequence in which my character Ranju had to do her eldest daughter Shalu's Kanyaadan. This scene specifically was very emotional and touchy for me. The fact that Ranju raises her four daughters without the support of her husband, deserves acknowledgment and credit for it," Reena said.

"I personally feel it's very harsh on single mothers not to be given due respect in society and rituals just because the male's presence is missing from her life. I think this scene speaks volumes for all the single women who have sacrificed all their life for the sake of their children," she added.

In the Dangal TV show, Ranju is a single mother. She raises her four daughters all by herself and makes sure to fulfill their wishes. Ranju has to do this alone because her husband Guddu has married another woman.

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