Funeral ashes being turned into manure at this crematorium in Rajasthan. Image Source: IANS News

Jaipur, June 18 : A Mokshadham in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan has decided to turn funeral ashes into manure rather than letting them flow into rivers.

BL Jaaju, the secretary of the crematorium committee in Rajasthan's Bhilwara and an environmental activist too, said "Over 500 funerals were performed in this crematorium during the last 2 months of the second wave of COVID-19. There were several families who did not turn up to collect the ashes due to which we have had around 300 bags of funeral ashes. This will be used to make manure," he said.

The manure is made up of ashes and cow dung and will be used for plants in city parks.

This Mokshadham is known for its greenery and facilities.

People from the city have been coming here for a morning walk and yoga. This crematorium has a reading room as well and is one of the most clean and green crematoriums of Rajasthan.

Till now, the committee used to immerse these ashes in the Triveni river as the quantity was very less, however this time it is too much.

"If we immerse the ashes in the river, it shall pollute the water of the river, and hence we have decided to transfer them to a cow shelter where it will be mixed with cow dung to make manure and will be used for the plants in the city parks. Thus, we are saving river and plants while using the ashes in a much more productive way" said Jaaju adding that this kind of ash is very good for plant growth. Also using it with cow dung makes it more useful, he added.

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