'Mann Ki Baat' hero Rajappan alleges sister has taken his money.(photo:Twitter). Image Source: IANS News

Thiruvananthapuram, June 18 : N.S. Rajappan, who shot to fame after Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to his yeoman service in protecting the environment by picking up waste from the Vembanad lake, has alleged that his sister has taken his money.

Rajappan, whose legs are paralysed, hails from Kumarakom, the famed tourist destination. For years he has been rowing his small boat and his job is to collect all the plastic waste, including bottles that are thrown into the lake. After collecting the waste, he disposes it and uses that money for his livelihood.

The local TV channels depicted his work and the miserable life that he leads. After Modi appreciated his work, well wishers started sending Rajappan money.

He opened a joint account with his sister Vilasini to receive the contributions from people who sympathised with his tough life.

"Recently when I went to the bank with my nephew, I was told Rs 5,08,000 had been withdrawn by my sister Vilasini. They have also taken away two of the small boats that I got. I have filed a complaint with the Kottayam Superintendent of Police," said Rajappan.

The police have begun a probe into the matter.

An angry Vilasini shooed away the media when they reached her house for her version.

"I don't need to tell you what has happened. Now that there is a case, I will tell the police, when they ask me," said Vilasini.

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