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Aries Horoscope: p>Good news is foreseen for some who are expecting a raise or promotion at work. Things will go as per your expectations on the professional front. You will manage to stay fit and healthy owing to your consistent efforts in this direction. You should take a temporary break from meeting lots of people to expand your social circle. You may seek guidance of someone on the academic front. You may feel distracted as lot of things are going on in your mind. Exciting and romantic time with partner is on the cards.

Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

Taurus Horoscope: p>New opportunities to earn good profit will knock your door soon. You may get the required assistance from someone at work and that will prove helpful in meeting the deadline. You will enjoy excellent health. Owing to your busy schedule you may have to postpone a family trip or event. Students will perform better on the academic front. You will try to help someone without imposing your ideas and you will manage to do so keeping various options open for him/her. You may get to spend quality time with your lover.

Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Gemini Horoscope: Financial stability is foreseen. You need to be careful as your obstinate attitude may cause hurdles at work. You will enjoy good health as initiatives taken by you will work wonder. Family members and spouse may demand for more time of yours. You may buy something really expensive or luxurious item soon. Things will go as per your expectations on the academic front. An enjoyable day is foreseen with your lover.

Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Colour: Green

Cancer Horoscope: Day will seem beneficial for those who are into gambling or dealing in stocks. You will hardly get to spare time for your personal matters as you will be busy at work. Some will focus on health and will be able to resume workout regimen. Taking opinion of family members regarding any issue or concern, will be a good idea. Homemakers may plan some changes on the home front. Family members may emphasize on you getting married.

Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Colour: Pink

Leo Horoscope: You are in the habit of not spending much, but you will have to splurge today. Things will not go smooth on the professional front, so exercise cautious. You may take healthy initiatives to achieve your goal of total fitness. A family member will keep a tab on your activities and you may not like it. Home renovation work is on the cards for some. This is a lucky day for eligible ones looking for a soul mate.

Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Colour: Light Brown

Virgo Horoscope: p>You will get your money that you lent to someone without any hitch. Things will go as per your expectations on the professional front. Health issue troubling you for long will disappear soon. Your ideas will be supported and appreciated by your loved ones. You will find suitable home or apartment soon. Home renovation work will be completed. You may put efforts to grab attention of someone from the opposite camp.

Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Colour: Rose

Libra Horoscope: You should curb expenditures to ensure stable financial condition. You may not get desired outcomes at work and it will put you at the receiving end. You should switch to the healthy options in order to remain fit. You may have to postpone an event on the social front. You should not spend money on buying something expensive unless it is not really necessary. You may have to put more efforts to learn and understand new concepts on the academic front. Some may plan evening out with their lover.

Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Colour: Light Green

Scorpio Horoscope: Financial condition will improve and allow you to settle all your debts or old dues. You will find yourself comfortable at new workplace and things will be easier for you. Some will manage to enjoy good health with their efforts. You may have to tackle a family member carefully. This is a lucky day to buy a property or start house construction work. You should give some space to your lover.

Lucky Number: 10
Lucky Colour: Magenta

Sagittarius Horoscope: You may find good investment opportunities that will prove beneficial at a later date, so go with them. You should thoroughly understand the assigned task in and out as it will help you avoid any issue afterwards. You should not miss your exercise routine as any sort of carelessness may be harmful for your health. You will manage to spend some quality time with your family. Students will be more focused towards their academic goals. You will try to talk to someone you love secretly.

Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Colour: Dark Green

Capricorn Horoscope: Your investments will start reaping the rewards for you. Devoting extra time at work is the need of the hour in order tomert the client's expectations. You should put efforts and be regular in your exercise routine, if you want to achieve your fitness goals. Relaxing and peaceful environment is foreseen on the home front. You will get an opportunity to deliver your opinion about a property issue. You may get chance to take part in a big event. This will seem an exciting and memorable day on the love front.

Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Colour: Red

Aquarius Horoscope: Financial front will seem unstable, so you need to curb your expenditures. You will find things boring and monotonous at work. You should not be careless, if it is about your health. Some may plan a get-together on the family front. You may explore property options today. Some will be busy in preparing for an event on the social front. Things will go smooth on the romantic front.

Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Colour: Navy Blue

Pisces Horoscope: Some may miss regular exercise routine, but this might not be good for their health. You may take some initiatives to make the home environment joyful and relaxing. This is not a lucky day to deal with property matters. You need to make a good environment at home for studies, so that you can prepare yourself for an exam or competition. You should go through the details before investing in any lucrative deal. You may plan an outing with your lover.

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Dark Green

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