Iraqi forces launch major anti-IS offensive. Image Source: IANS News

Baghdad, June 22 : The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council has issued four death penalties and a life imprisonment against a senior Islamic State (IS) leader for involvement in various terror crimes in Salahudin province north of the capital Baghdad.

A statement by the Council issued on Monday said the convicted terrorist was known to be a judge in Islamic law for the extremist group, reports Xinhua news agency.

The terrorist, whose name was not revealed, was found guilty in several cases, including the killing of five Iraqi soldiers in a roadside bombing; complicity with other convicts in the kidnapping of a civilian; and carrying out attacks with other IS militants on the town of Amerly, some 150 km north of Baghdad, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, a separate statement by the media office of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command said a intelligence forces arrested an IS militant in Abu Ghraib area, some 20 km west of Baghdad.

In June 2014, the IS group took control of large swathes of territories in western and northern Iraq, including Salahudin province.

Iraq officially declared full liberation from IS militants on December 9, 2017 after three years of intense bloodshed.

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