Green space in prisons linked to reduced self-harm, violence. Image Source: IANS News

Jaipur, June 25 : Rajasthan Jail Department has introduced a new barrack allocation system to close the windows for favouritism.

The prison barracks will now be allotted to inmates in alphabetical order of their names. Previously, many of the inmates had grievances related to the barrack allocation, said Director General Jail Rajeev Dasot.

The barracks are home to thousands of convicts and undertrials.

"Some of these barracks may appear more desirable than the rest due to several reasons, such as light, wind and urinals. Sent to an unpleasant barrack may make the inmate feel unfairly treated and even draws corruption allegations at times.

"It is in consideration of frequent complaints in this regard that Dasot ordered for the new barrack allocation pattern," said officials.

However, the local jail administration would be allowed to make exceptions in special cases, such as to avoid clashes between inmates known to be associated with rival gangs, the officials added.

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