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Santiago, June 25 : Chile unveiled the National Heat and Cold Strategy to have 80 per cent of the energy used for household heating and cooling become sustainable by 2050.

According to the strategy unveiled on Thursday, Chile aims to reduce 65 per cent of the greenhouse gases generated from supplying heat and cold by 2050, via replacing fossil fuels with more solar and biomass energy, reports Xinhua news agency.

In Chile, at least 35.8 per cent of primary energy consumption goes to generating heat or cold, said Deputy Minister of Energy Francisco Lopez in a statement.

"That is why this strategy was developed, which seeks to incorporate clean energies for thermal uses of heat and cold, as its main focus is the goal of achieving Chile's Carbon Neutrality by 2050," Lopez said.

The idea is to help households meet their heating and cooling needs through the use of "sustainable, economical and reliable solutions", he added.

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