Sona Mohapatra
Sona Mohapatra . Image Source: IANS

July 27 : Singer Sona Mohapatra is always seen openly criticising trolls, particularly when they slam female artists associated with the entertainment industry. The singer has now come out slamming trolls openly, who are active after businessman Raj Kundra’s arrest in connection with a porn film racket. Kundra was arrested on July 19, and sent to police custody for his alleged involvement in production and streaming of pornographic content on apps.

Sharing a video on Instagram featuring herself, Sona Mohapatra slammed trolls, saying that they do not have the right to “slut-shame” female figures from the entertainment industry. She termed it as the “toxicity of society”. In the video, Sona is seen in a hotel room, with her new track Ek Din (Manhattan Memories) playing in the background. The singer wrote a long caption to the post, which read as, “The hypocrisy, patriarchal toxicity of society more than when #porn related news ends up giving people the licence to #slutshame women in the public domain especially if you are in the entertainment industry?”

Sona further added, “The Raj Kundra blow-up cannot be an excuse to come throw more of your lewd comments into our timelines & then say things like, you are from #Bollywood & all of you are the same or other shit like that. Women, please celebrate your bodies like I do! Big, small, fat, thin or any other way, we are glorious. No one has a right to shame us or touch us or do anything without our consent. Sounds simple enough?”

She further wrote, “I made & directed these videos to my #EkDin song as an artistic reaction to all these thoughts. Context is everything. Let’s all learn to understand & celebrate that Freewill, Consent VS Exploitation/Trafficking! #India #LetsTalk #Broken #LetsFixThis”

Recently, Sona had defended actor Mandira Bedi against trolls. After Mandira performed her husband, producer Raj Kaushal’s last rites, a role traditionally taken up by male members of the family, she was brutally trolled on social media. Sona Mohapatra defended Mandira and tweeted, "That some people are still commenting on Mandira Bedi’s dress code or choice to carry out her husband Raj Kushal’s last rites shouldn’t surprise us. Stupidity is more abundant than any other element in our world after all."

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