Golden Temple picture jogs lost memory of deaf, dumb boy.
Golden Temple picture jogs lost memory of deaf, dumb boy.. Image Source: IANS News

Jaipur, July 27 : A 14-year-old deaf and dumb boy, found at Jodhpur railway station in Rajasthan, has finally identified his home state after seeing a picture of the Golden Temple situated in Amritsar in Punjab. He will now be sent there soon, confirmed officials here on Tuesday.

According to Sangeeta Beniwal, chairperson of the Rajasthan Commission for Protection of Child Rights, "This boy, who is deaf and dumb, was found at Jodhpur railway station a few months back. As he could not hear or speak, it was difficult to communicate with him." "Our counsellors at the Jodhpur based childcare institute counselled him and soon he became quite active and extraordinary in all senses. They named him Gopi and he started responding to the same name. He was seen helping teachers and counselling. Also, he was the one who gathered all kids for yoga and meditation classes. He also coordinated with counsellors and staff when a Holi Sneh Milan programme was organised," said Beniwal.

He was undergoing counselling too. This time, during counselling, when he was shown a turban, he smiled. Then he was shown a Golden Temple picture and he started doing bhangra. He was then shown a Punjab folk dress and a 'Kirpan' and the boy became very happy, said officials.

Hence, the team came to the conclusion that the child belongs to Punjab and has decided to send him to a child care institute there.

"We have written a letter to the authorities concerned there and shall send him along with two counsellors who counselled him and a policeman to Punjab. If he expressed joy looking at Punjab pictures, may be he can recall where he has come from if he is sent there," said officials.

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