Olympics: All Swiss podium in women's cross country mountain bike
Olympics: All Swiss podium in women's cross country mountain bike. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, July 27 : Finding gold, silver and bronze medal winners from one country in the same event is tough nowadays after sports like table tennis put a cap on the number of players from a country in a single event to stop dominance of countries like China.

However, there are still some sports where 1-2-3 from one country is possible.

On Tuesday, Switzerland shot up in the medals tally to 12th position after just one event.

Yolanda Neff, Sina Frei and Linda Indergrand, all belonging to Switzerland, finished 1, 2 and 3 in women's cross country in mountain bike cycling.

While Yolanda timed 1:15:46 in the 20.55 kilometre distance, Sina was one minute 11 seconds behind the winner. Linda was 0.08 seconds further away.

No wonder, UCI MTB (Union Cycliste Internationale Mountain Bike), the governing body of the sport was amused.

It tweeted, "This is what our podium is looking like! [emoticon: smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat]" "What a [emoticon: flag of Switzerland] dream team [icons: mountain & bicycle] at #Tokyo2020! 100% Swiss podium #MountainBike!," tweeted the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its Twitter handle.

"Congrats!!! You made history. For your sport and for your country!," it added.

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