ULFA 'defers' action on Quippo employees
ULFA 'defers' action on Quippo employees. Image Source: IANS News

Farrukhabad : , July 29 (IANS) A case of kidnapping has been lodged against a transgender in Uttar Pradesh who married a girl from Gorakhpur.

The case has been lodged by the girl's father.

The Gorakhpur police caught the transgender identified as Pooja a.k.a. Ankit and took him to Gorakhpur, for further investigation.

The transgender's 'wife' was also taken by the police.

The transgender and the girl however stated before police that they are adults, and have married as per their wishes and want to live together.

The transgender said that he was undergoing preliminary treatment prior to a sex reassignment surgery in Delhi.

Investigating Officer Deen Bandhu said that Bhagelu Prasad has filed a case against the transgender and accused him of luring his daughter.

"During investigations, it came to light that Bhagelu Prasad and the family of Balbir Singh Yadav, who is the father of the transgender, were good friends and visited each other often," he said.

The transgender's mother Rajeshwari told reporters that child and the Gorakhpur girl are adults and have married as per their wishes.

The marriage was solemnised on July 20.

She said that the process of sex change of her transgender child is going on under the supervision of expert doctors in Delhi.

The police said that the matter is still under investigation.

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