Gurugram, July 29 : Even though the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has spent crores of rupees for the disposal of construction and demolition (C&D) waste in the district, the debris is not being disposed of properly, allegedly due to the negligence of MCG officials.

Despite repeated complaints by the residents, the problem is not being resolved.

For proper dumping of C&D waste, the civic body has also finalised five designated sites for dumping the trash. These sites are located in Sector 56, Kadipur, Transport Nagar, Wazirabad and Pwala Khasrupur.

Disposal of C&D waste is a major issue in the city, as dumping of such waste on vacant plots, roadsides and in the Aravali region is considered to be a major source of pollution.

The MCG had assigned two agencies with the task of lifting and dumping piles of rubble located at different parts of the city in the designated C&D plants.

However, after objections were raised by the MCG councillors in a house meeting against the agencies, they have stopped lifting C&D waste from the city for more than six months now.

"Due to non-lifting of debris, they are being illegally dumped in the Aravali region, damaging the plantation in the entire area. Apart from this, piles of rubble are also lying at different places near the Khushbu Chowk on Faridabad Road," Raman Chug, a resident of Gurugram, told IANS.

"We have lodged several complaints with the MCG for the proper lifting and dumping of C&W, but the problem is yet to be resolved. There are piles of debris at many places in Sector 53 as well," he said.

The locals also alleged that during monsoon, the entire area faces waterlogging problem due to the dumping of C&D waste.

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