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Aries: The new moon will be a highlight of this week and this will bring a lot of activities with your teammates and children. This is a time to get involved with the children and work for their improvement. See More

Taurus: The new moon will rise in the sector for a home, family, ancestors, parents, and ancestral property. See More

Gemini: The new moon will rise in the sign of Leo and this is a very important time and that will impact your communication and siblings. See More

Cancer: The new moon will rise in the sign of Leo and it will impact your finances. You were having some concerns in the last week also, but there will be changes during this week. See More

Leo: The new moon will impact your personal life and health during this week. The new moon indicates new beginnings you will have such expectations. See More

Virgo: The annual solar transit is impacting your emotional issues, as the Sun is moving through the most hidden portion of your horoscope. This house indicates the subconscious mind, and you can expect some emotional issues. See More

Libra: The annual solar transit is impacting the eleventh house of long-term projects during this week, just like the last week. During this week, you will be focusing more on your team ventures and long-term goals. See More

Scorpio: The annual solar transit will impact your tenth house of career and the main highlight of this week will be your career. There will be a lot of discussions with many people regarding your work. See More

Sagittarius: The annual solar transit is impacting the ninth house of long trips and spirituality. You may travel long distances for personal or professional reasons See More

Capricorn: During this week also, you will be thinking more about finances and partnerships. Solar transit will impact the finances and emotional issues, so you need to be very careful. See More

Aquarius: This is an important phase for those who work in PR and diplomacy-related domains. The annual solar transit is impacting the seventh house of relationships and opponents. See More

Pisces: The annual solar transit will impact the sixth house of work and colleagues. There will be some issues at work and please don’t be lazy at work. See More

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