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Aries Horoscope: Wasteful expenditure by the family can make you see red. You may need to watch your step on the home front today, as you can get involved in petty arguments. Things not happening according to schedule at work may need to be set right. A planned business trip will go as per schedule and may prove profitable. You are likely to buy or sell a property. Adhering to norms will keep infections away. Financial stability is assured.

Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Colour: Lavender

Taurus Horoscope: An ego problem with senior today can have far reaching consequences, so avoid it if possible. Don’t pass around your assignment among your classmates, as someone is likely to copy it verbatim and put you into trouble. You remain financially strong, as money comes to you from various sources. A health problem troubling you may disappear on its own. You can plan a weekend outing with family somewhere out of city. Good returns from property are foreseen.

Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Colour: Dark Blue

Gemini Horoscope: Concerted efforts may be needed by new mothers to come back in shape. Those in the media and the hospitality sector are likely to get noticed for their good work. You will be successful in clearing a tough competitive exam. It is important to defuse a family situation, before it disturbs domestic peace. Be patient with someone who is not in the mood to listen to anyone. A piece of land can become a bone of contention.

Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Colour: White

Cancer Horoscope: Your excellent work is likely to be recognised by superiors and rewarded. Taking a year off from job to add to your academic qualifications will be a step in the right direction, as it promises to open many more avenues. Your fitness level is set to get a boost by regular workouts and a healthy lifestyle. A child may opt for a career in a creative field, instead of opting the usual vocations, much to your disappointment. Work towards financial stability.

Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Colour: Peach

Leo Horoscope: Successful completion of a project may get you a pat on the back today by those who matter at work. You are likely to impress your teacher by your excellent performance in tests today. No amount of restrictions imposed on a rebellious child will work, so try to be a bit more understanding with him or her. An office picnic is in the offing, so become a part of it. Returns on investments will help in keeping you financially stable.

Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Colour: Cream

Virgo Horoscope: Judicious spending will help in saving money for your future use. Someone is likely to extend a helping hand at work today, even without your asking. A classmate who has grown close to you is likely to share class notes with you. Today, you will simply love being driven by a friend or relative in his or her new car. Someone who has hurt your feelings previously may seek your forgiveness now, so be magnanimous enough.

Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Colour: Parrot Green

Libra Horoscope: Don’t try to be one up on your immediate superior in front of the top boss, as it can rebound on you. Plagiarism is a crime and can affect your reputation adversely, so don’t indulge in it. A family outing is on the cards, so keep lots of eats and drinks to make it doubly successful. Getting your house renovated may prove expensive, but it will be a job well done. Don’t share any extra information with a casual acquaintance.

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Crimson

Scorpio Horoscope: A man management situation can get out of hand at work and put you in a spot. Your performance is likely to hit rock bottom, if you continue to remain a part of the backbenchers. A member of your extended family may go out of his or her way to settle you in a new place. An invitation for a celebration of someone close may find you travelling to another city to participate in it.

Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Sagittarius Horoscope: Your past reputation and qualifications will be enough to get invited to join any company of your choice. A career counsellor will be indispensable for those standing at crossroads and not knowing what line to choose. Incomplete paperwork may put a property transaction in jeopardy, so take the help of a legal expert. An issue not to your liking may make you seethe within, but you will manage to retain outward composure. A new fitness program will give positive results.

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Violet

Capricorn Horoscope: Those collecting dues from borrowers will find the going easy. A happy financial situation can make you think on the lines of purchasing something major for the house. Domestic happiness is likely to be short-lived with the arrival of a pest of a guest. Don’t offer your property to anyone in your extended family, as it may become difficult to get it vacated at a later date. You experience an excellent phase on the fitness front.

Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Colour: Blue

Aquarius Horoscope: Taking a long break from work today may make you miss out on many clients, so keep it short. You will do well to reinvest the returns from your previous investments to maintain financial stability. Family life cruises along smoothly and domestic bliss is assured. You must regularly tick off a family member who has no control on eating. Someone who you have met during a train journey and befriended may have an agenda in befriending you.

Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

Pisces Horoscope: You will manage to find ways and means to make your money last. The organisation you had resigned from may make an offer you just can’t refuse, so consider it carefully. You will manage to find time for family by taking time out from your busy schedule. Daily tiring commute by public transport may make you purchase your own vehicle. Your request for delay in rent payment may be agreed to by the house owner.

Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Colour: White

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