New Delhi, Jan 23 : Home sheltering does not always have to mean being caught up in mundane chores, with Belvedere insight and a few ingredients from your pantry you can whip up a happy hour at home as you let your hair down and binge-watch your favourite movies! Like the sound of that? Keep scrolling to discover Belvedere's delicious and easy-peasy cocktails that are sure to put you in a relaxed mood this pandemic season!
. 40 ml Belvedere Vodka . 15 ml Your Choice of Milk . 20 ml Cold Brew / Espresso . 15 ml Natural Maple Syrup . A Few Cubes of Ice . A Pinch of Sea Salt (optional) . Add ingredients to a shaker. Shake well and serve in a highball over ice. Garnish with a coffee bean.

OLD TOWN FIZZ . 40 ml - Belvedere Vodka . 15 ml - Sparkling Wine . 20 ml - Lime . 15 ml - Honey Water (2:1) . 6-8 - Mint Leaves . A dash of Angostura . Lime Wheel . Add ingredients to a shaker. Shake and fine strain so there are no mint leaves in a coupe. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with a lime wheel.

BELVEDERE AIR . 5 ml Belvedere Vodka . 20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice . 15 ml Honey Water (2:1 Honey to Water) . 60 ml Almond Milk . Sprig of Mint . Place all ingredients into a shaker and shake hard with ice. Strain into a highball glass over fresh ice, and garnish with mint sprig.

POMME HIGHBALL . 45 ml - Belvedere Vodka . 60 ml - Pressed Apple Juice . 20 ml - Lime Juice . 10 ml - Sugar Syrup . 2 Turmeric Dusted Cucumber Slices to Garnish . Top with Soda Water . Add all ingredients to a highball glass and fill with ice. Stir to combine. Top with soda water. Garnish with 2 turmeric dusted cucumber slices (Please drink responsibly)
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