V.D. Satheesan.  ( Credit : @vdsatheesan/twitter)
V.D. Satheesan. ( Credit : @vdsatheesan/twitter). Image Source: IANS News

Kochi, May 26 : The Congress on Friday accused Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan of failing to detect "wrongdoings" in his own office, and termed him as "the vice-chancellor of university of corruption".

The Chief Minister on Thursday had spoken about how a village assistant was arrested by the Vigilance Department for engaging in corruption even as the village officer had said that he was unaware of the act, which could not be believed.

Taking a swipe at this, Leader of Opposition V.D. Satheesan said that the same thing is being asked by the people of Kerala as to how Vijayan failed to find out the corruption that was going on in his own office.

"His former Principal Secretary M.Sivasankar is now in jail for the second time, after he was first arrested and was in jail in 2020 in the gold smuggling case. People are laughing about CM Vijayan mentioning the case of a village assistant who was caught for corruption and the Village Officer's statement that he did not know, cannot be believed. All are now asking if this is the case, then how come Vijayan did not know what was happening," asked Satheesan.

"Today there are five big scams that have come out and are in public domain and Vijayan, who is speaking about the village assistant's corruption, is yet to open his mouth on these scams that have originated from his office," added Satheesan.

Incidentally, Vijayan on Thursday further stated that some government officials have a doctoral thesis on how to engage in corruption.

"Yes, it's true and this Vijayan is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Corruption. He knows that he cannot open his mouth, and hence he is shying away from answering questions being raised on these five scams," added Satheesan.

K.K. Rema, a first time legislator and widow of former CPI(M) leader T.P. Chandrasekheran, who after forming his own party was brutally murdered allegedly by CPI(M) workers, said, "It was hilarious to hear him say that it was a shameful incident about the corruption done by the village assistant.

"Doesn't he feel any shame when his own former principal secretary M. Sivasankar is presently lodged in a jail.

"There are numerous cases where in the CPI(M) people are at the centre of corruption and Vijayan never speaks anything on this, but after hearing the corruption done by a village assistant he is feeling ashamed. That's really surprising," said Rema.

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