New Delhi, Sep 13 : Doctors at a Delhi hospital Monday succesfully operated on a four-year-old Iraqi girl suffering from deafness since birth to restore her hearing. The girl was responding to sounds after the surgery.

A doctors at the Apollo Hospitals, where Fatima Ali underwent the surgery, said: "The girl was born without the auditory nerve, the tool of hearing. We have carried out an operation to put an electronic device in her brain to restore hearing sensation."

"It takes at least two months before the brain can respond to the chip and can be switched on," senior surgeon of the Apollo Hospitals Ameet Kishore, who conducted the surgery, told IANS.

The internal chip’s electrodes stimulate the brain to produce sounds.

A team of surgeons and neurologists conducted the operation, the average cost of which ranges from Rs.10 lakh to Rs.15 lakh depending on the price of the equipment.

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