Shanghai, May 31 : Shanghai is undergoing its longest dry spell in 138 years since January, says Shanghai municipal meteorological bureau report.

Urban areas have recorded just 132.9 millimetres of rainfall since the beginning of this year. It is the lowest level since 1873, the Shanhghai Daily quoted the Met bureau report as stating.

Last year, Shanghai had a dry and cold winter, with the lowest average temperatures recorded since 1978.

The city has had a relatively short spring as well, according to the report. Spring only lasted for 48 days this year. It was more than 20 days shorter than the average 71-day season.

The report forecasts Shanghai city will witness unusually high temperatures over the coming summer months.

While rain is on the way, it will be less than usual in the approaching flood season, Shanghai's weather authority said at the government's annual meeting on anti-flooding measures Monday.

Total precipitation in the flood season from June to September is likely to be around 550 to 650 millimetres, compared to a 703-millimetre average over the past decade, said Yuan Shaohong, deputy director of the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

About 170 to 210 millimetres of rain is expected during this year's "plum rain" season, which is likely to occur earlier than the usual mid-June to mid-July period.

Data show that two typhoons are likely to influence the city's weather this summer, the deputy director said.

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