Mumbai, Oct 3 : Lt Gen (retd) K.S. Brar, who was attacked in London earlier this week, returned to Mumbai Wednesday with his wife Meena.

Brar, who led the army operation into the Golden Temple in June 1984, was injured after he was stabbed in London Sunday night. He was on a private visit.

He refused to answer questions posed by media persons at the airport here. He was escorted to his car amid tight security.

Brar's wife Meena said they were happy to be back home and appreciated the concern.

Later, in an interview to a national news channel, Brar said he was "extremely sad and distraught that the incident took place after so many years of Operation Blue Star".

He lamented the fact that the anger of some of the radical Sikhs seems to continue unabated.

He said: "We in the army and the defence services have to carry out the call of duty and it is in the interest of the country. I as a Sikh had to carry out my duty and I think we didn't hurt Sikh sentiments to the best of my knowledge. For them now to plan an attack on me and try to assassinate me... The motive now was not robbery, it was assassination."

Brar described how four bearded men attacked him and slashed his back and neck with a knife while his wife screamed for help. He added that he fought back and he lost a lot of blood.


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