London, Oct 29 : Actress Helena Bonham Carter is happy with being offered film roles for older women. She thinks it proves how versatile her skills are.

"Mother and granny parts? I am up for them. Fine by me. I think that most people in the industry know that I have a range, you know. Actually, I do truly believe that ageing has made me a far better actor," quoted Carter as saying.

"When I was in films with people who had so much experience, I felt a total fraud. I was waiting to be exposed. I was bluffing it," she added.

The 46-year-old actress is grateful to her partner of 11 years, director Tim Burton, and their two children - Billy, eight, and Nell, four, for making her more confident on set and admits she lets the "Frankenweenie" filmmaker be the boss at work.

"Today, that's gone, and that's due to the fact that with Tim and the children, I am a fundamentally happy person.

"I point and order at home, and he orders and points at work. On a film set, he is the boss and I try not to lose sight of that," she said.


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