Guwahati, Nov 22 : In a suspected case of witch hunting, a couple was killed by a group of people, which included a brother of one of the victims, in a village in Assam's Chirang district. Four people have been arrested for the killings, police said Thursday.

Police recovered the bodies of Lakhi Ram Brahma, 55, and his wife Nilap Brahma, 50, from Tulsidangi village in the district.

"According to some of the witnesses in the village, a group of people came to the house of Brahma Wednesday night and called them out. The bodies of the duo were recovered today (Thursday) from the forest, located near the village," a senior district police official said.

Four people have been arrested so far for involvement in the crime, the police official said.

"They have killed the couple suspecting that they (deceased duo) practice some witch craft," said the police official adding that one of the killers is the brother of the deceased Lakhi Ram Brahma.

"We are also investigating if there are any other reason behind the killings or any property dispute," the police said.


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