Washington, Dec 14 : A suspected gunman was Friday found dead after a shooting incident at an elementary school in Newtown in the US state of Connecticut, media reports said.

The shooting took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Xinhua reported citing the local WTNH-TV channel.

The shooter was later found dead on the scene. Witnesses said one child was seen with a bloody face and another with a hand injury.

Police would not confirm what happened, but a spokesman told WTNH-TV that several troopers responded to the incident at the request of Newtown police. Many people were reported to have been taken to hospital.

Police recovered two handguns at the scene, media reports said.

Newtown officials told parents to stay by their phone and not to go to the school. But frantic parents converged at a fire station near the school after reports of the shooting.

Following the firing, school children were evacuated to the firehouse and all schools in town were locked down.

One parent said the shooting took place during an administrators meeting, according to a report in the Danbury News Times.

BBC said Sandy Hook is a highly rated school with more than 600 students.


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