Union Minister for Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs M. Venkaiah Naidu addresses a press conference in Bengaluru on Nov 13, 2015.. Image Source: IANS

New Delhi, Dec 9 : Refuting charges of "vendetta politics", Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said taking objection to a judicial verdict and stalling parliament was the biggest threat to democracy and the Congress should realise it.

"Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad had said on Tuesday after the Delhi High Court judgment in the National Herald case that democracy is in danger. I agree with Azad. However, the fact is that this danger is coming from none other than the Congress party," Naidu said at a press conference here.

"Taking objection to a judicial verdict and stalling legislations through unconstitutional and undemocratic tactics as is being used by the Congress is a clear danger to democracy," he said.

Naidu accused the Congress of "hijacking" parliament.

Naidu took on the opposition, saying it was not the government but the Congress party that was doing politics of vendetta.

"Out of frustration over steadily declining political space and adverse judicial pronouncement and unable to accept the people's mandate to the Modi government, the Congress is taking parliament to ransom. This is a clear case of vendetta politics."
"Looking for excuses to stall parliament and preventing major legislations like GST bill is a clear case of vendetta politics. The Congress party wants to take revenge against the people of the country for giving absolute majority to a single party.

"The Congress is keen to pay it back to the people by stopping all progressive and development oriented legislations," he said.

Naidu suggested the Congress to be patient and wait for the opportunity.

"In politics, one needs to be patient. Instead of doing so, the Congress is acting in haste just to defend the interest of individuals," he said.

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