An Israeli F-16 jet fighter flies over Ashdod, a south Israeli city bordering the Gaza Strip, on July 8, 2014. Israel's security cabinet decided on Tuesday to ... Image Source: Xinhua

Copenhagen, March 4 : The Danish government on Friday announced plans to send Special Forces and F-16 fighter jets into Iraq and Syria to join the fight against the Islamic State (IS).

"The government wants to intensify the fight against the terrorist organisation IS... It is a serious decision to send Danish men and women on mission in the world's trouble spots," Xinhua quoted Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen as saying in a statement.

"We must never give up the fight for peace and freedom," Rasmussen added.

The proposal to intensify Denmark's military contribution to the fight against IS from the middle of 2016 has received a wide cross-party support at a meeting with Danish foreign policy committee on Friday.

The contribution of Danish forces will consist of seven F-16 fighter jets, a transport aircraft and some 400 Danish soldiers including pilots and support personnel.

The Danish government will submit a proposal about the plan for the parliament's approval, according to the statement.

It is not the first time that Denmark has sent troops to fight the IS. Danish F-16 jets returned home for repairs and rest last October after taking part in the coalition's air strikes against IS in Iraq.

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