New Delhi, June 4 : London-based designer Fabian Lintott, who is also the creative mind behind Hidesign men's bags and accessories, says men are becoming more aware about fashion.

Asked if men's office bag is changing from utility to fashion, Lintott told IANS: "Men's bags focus on functionality first, but I do think men are becoming more fashion aware and this is very evident from the growth in the category over the last few years."
The designer added: "Men can pick from jackets, shoes, sunglasses in addition to bag and travel goods."
Lintott says menswear collection sees a growth in prints, but not in the work wear zone.

"Prints are definitely enjoying the menswear scene and are evident across most brands. Work wear is still a little hesitant with prints...If you work in a sensitive work environment it would probably be best to stick to the safe side and wear more conventional attire in the work place," he said.

The designer stresses that functionality is the key area that needs to be satisfied, when it comes to men's bags.

"Men predominantly use bags to go to work, go out in the day or travel. These areas of use need certain sizes and types of bags. Functionality is one of the key areas that men's bags need to satisfy," he said.

Talking about the latest Spring-Summer 2016 men's collection for Hidesign, Lintott shared: "This season we have been exploring geometrics. Using straight cut edges to create bold styling. I really like the effect this creates it gives the bags a real presence.

He shared that "sharp cut lines and angular flaps are key to this theme".

The designer explored the 1960s and 1970s references, the collection will feature a hint of the free-spirited craftsmanship inspired by those eras.

"It's about hand-me-down traditions, artisan techniques and having a style that has foundations in traditional craft. Woven details, textures and an A-symmetric twist," he added.

The designer says bags are investment pieces and that they "have to be really careful with colour".

"Small details are fine but all out colour can be what steers the consumer to be put off. Also our bags have many different uses but one of our main areas is work bags. These have to work with not only casual outfits but everything in between right up to the work suit," Lintott said.

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