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Beijing/Tokyo, April 24 : Us President Donald Trump spoke to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday where he discussed North Korea with the two Asian leaders amid heightened tensions surrounding the country, media reports said.

"China hopes all parties can exercise restraint on the North Korea issue, and not take provocative actions," the People's Daily quoted Xi as saying in his phone conversation with Trump.

Xi stressed China is strongly against any action that would violate any UN Security Council resolutions.

The Chinese president added that "only if all parties take their responsibilities and work together can the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue be solved."
Besides North Korea, Trump and Xi also talked about bilateral ties, pledging close contact through various means to promptly exchange views on major issues of common concern, reports the People's Daily.

This was the second phone call between the two leaders this month.

On April 12, Xi and Trump talked about the Korean Peninsula situation, and matters related to Syria.

Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Abe described his 30 minutes phone conversation with Trump as "intensive", public broadcaster NHK reported.

He expressed appreciation for Trump's words and actions.

Abe said they agreed to strongly urge North Korea, which continues to make dangerous provocations, to show self-restraint.

The Prime Minister stressed that North Korea's nuclear and missile development is "a grave security threat to Japan and the international community".

"Japan will continue to closely work with the US to maintain a high level of vigilance against possible North Korean actions," Abe added.

The phone calls came amid rising tensions over North Korea's's nuclear and missile programmes, with concerns growing over the possibility of a sixth nuclear test.


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