Los Angeles, May 20 : Model-actress Amber Rose has reportedly hired armed guards to protect her home after an intruder broke in and stayed for four hours while she was asleep.

Rose, 33, has enlisted several off-duty policemen to guard her $4 million mansion here round the clock after a man entered by smashing a kitchen window in the wee hours of Wednesday, reports tmz.com.

While some of the guards have been tasked with walking the perimeter, one of them will reportedly be in her house at all times.

Rose is also fearful that she now has a stalker and wants one of the guards to accompany her wherever she goes, claims tmz.com.

Rose, her mother, son, assistant and bodyguards were all in the house asleep and nobody heard the intruder.

She got to know about the intruder on Wednesday afternoon when she saw the broken window in the kitchen and checked the surveillance footage.


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