New Delhi, June 19 : Taken by surprise by the BJP's playing the Dalit card, the 18-party opposition front led by the Congress is said to be toying with the idea of fielding a candidate against the NDA nominee in the presidential election depending on what the JD-U and the BSP will do.

Sources in the opposition grouping acknowledge that the BJP has played a strategy that could divide the opposition as parties like the BSP could find it difficult to oppose Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit.

The non-BJP parties are also not sure about the JD-U because of the fact that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has a propensity to strike a different path like he did on issues like demonetisation.

But the Left parties are keen that the opposition should put up a fight even if it is symbolic because of the current situation with the BJP-led government at the Centre and divisive issues dominating the political scene.

BSP chief Mayawati, herself a Dalit leader, said her party cannot oppose Kovind except if the opposition came up with the name of a popular Dalit leader.

The opposition parties are meeting on June 22 to finalise their strategy.


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