Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar inspects guard of honor during Independence Day parade near Old Secretariat in Panaji on Aug 15, 2017.. Image Source: IANS

Panaji, Aug 15 : The police have been directed to launch a crackdown on rave parties and late night music events held in remote areas of Goa, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Tuesday, adding that frustration and lack of direction among youth was leading to increasing drug proliferation in the state.

Parrikar, in his Independence Day speech here, also declared that Goa would be plastic-free by 2020 and asked citizens to co-operate with the drive to rid the state of the plastic menace.

"Late night rave parties are illegal and it is where drugs are consumed and distributed. Rave parties on beaches or remote areas should be totally stopped," he told the media on the sidelines of the Independence Day function here.

Parrikar's comments came after two youngsters from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, who were attending rave parties in North Goa's Anjuna village, died due to suspected drug overdose. The incident has triggered a crackdown on music events in the coastal state.

The Chief Minister also said that one of the reasons why it was difficult to eliminate drugs was the complexity posed by new age drugs, which can be easily camouflaged.

"There are many drugs which you cannot identify so easily including the soluble ones. But at the same time information-based action should be taken. If you know that there are such parties going on, the police should be immediately informed."
The former Defence Minister also said that drug use in Goa had increased because of frustration and lack of direction among youngsters.

"I am saying this because we are getting news from many quarters that drug proliferation has increased. I have given instructions to police, but I believe the reason for increase in drugs is frustration. If youth is direction-less they move in unwanted directions," Parrikar said.

The Chief Minister said that Goans either want desk jobs or clerical jobs.

"In a place like Goa, employment will always remain an issue, but one more question is added. Goans want white-collar jobs, we have forgotten the dignity of labour... Everyone wants desk and clerical jobs. If in the coming years, we have to rein in the monster of unemployment, then we will have to instil dignity in labour," Parrikar said.

The Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay alumnus also said the increasing use of technology, farming mechanisation and robotics technology was cutting down on jobs in various sectors, which have been traditionally linked to job-creation.

"With improvement in technology and farming mechanisation, in many areas there is robotics technology. Employment generation is becoming an issue, because sectors with employment today are no longer job providers, or employment capacities have decreased," Parrikar said expressing concern.

Urging the people to use re-usable cloth bags and not rely on plastic, he said the aim is to make Goa plastic-free by 2020.

"There are many advantages to make Goa plastic-free. There are health benefits and since Goa is a tourism centre, it will benefit tourism too. Garbage is dumped everywhere."
He said the government will arrange for everything, but it won't be possible without co-operation from people. "By 2020, we have resolved to make Goa plastic free."
The Chief Minister said that action would soon be taken against those who sell plastic bags below 50 microns.

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