San Francisco, Sep 25 : US-based cybersecurity firm FireEye on Monday announced the availability of its FireEye Endpoint 4.0 solution that integrates multiple detection and prevention capabilities with the company's threat intelligence feature for endpoint defence.

FireEye Endpoint 4.0 will be available globally on September 28 and can be deployed as Cloud -- on-premise, virtual or hybrid.

"Today's milestone means even mid-size firms can leave behind legacy anti-virus installations in favour of a more comprehensive approach which brings together antivirus, threat intelligence, machine learning and more," said Shrikant Shitole, Senior Director and Country Head for India, FireEye, in a statement.

"This approach to securing endpoint systems is much more effective at stopping a wide range of cyber attacks. We are working to deploy this to as many Indian organisations as possible," Shitole added.

While many endpoint products offer one method of detection, such as machine learning, FireEye incorporates multiple detection techniques to make the system secure.

FireEye endpoint protection incorporates the latest threat intelligence. The solution also uses research experts and technologies such as machine learning to find and detail threats and their activities.


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