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Paris, March 1 : Veteran Indian designer Manish Arora used popular Chinese emoticon Tuzki in his Fall-Winter collection 'Orange is the new Zen', showcased at the Paris Fashion Week.

With quirky movements and humorous body language, groovy dance moves and a penchant for milk, the mischievous bunny Tuzki quickly became an internet sensation in China.

Tuzki's moods have reflected those of millions of people through emoji, gifts, animations and stickers on various platforms.

Arora said in a statement: "It feels great to partner with an iconic brand like Tuzki. This unique collection was inspired by this special rabbit. He personifies a composed, relaxed yet a cool lifestyle, one that is similar to mine.

"The collection is a story of Tuzki's day in Paris where he is seen meditating below the Eiffel tower, chilling in his room with a glass of wine and watching nature from the window, highlighting the fascinating character that he is! Being a Tuzki fan, it's a pleasure to be a part of his world now, in my own way."
This year marks a milestone for the designer, celebrating 10 years of showcasing his creations at the revered fashion gala here.

His collection, including t-shirts, dresses, jackets, pants, sweat shirts and accessories like backpacks, pouches and clutch bags, inspired by the rabbit, will be available for sale across Manish Arora Fashion stores in China, Tuzki's home country, before making it to the Indian market.

Clement Schwebig, Turner Asia Pacific's Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Development, Licensing and China, added: "It's an exciting time for us, with two powerhouse brands coming together to showcase Tuzki to a new audience of fans.

"Paris Fashion Week serves as the perfect international platform to unveil a first glimpse of Manish's Tuzki-inspired collection."
The line is a mix of Tuzki's quirky characteristics and Arora's craftsmanship. It is replete with apparels and accessories that puts the spotlight on Tuzki's funny traits and peculiarities through the fashion designer's creativity and play on colours.

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