: U.S. President Donald Trump. (File Photo: Xinhua/IANS).(Image Source: IANS)

Washington, July 20 : US President Donald Trump along with 23 companies and professional associations have signed a commitment to train 3.8 million unemployed American workers.

"In the days and months ahead, we hope that hundreds of companies and organisations will join us in this effort," Efe news quoted Trump as saying on Thursday.

Among the companies and organisations signing the pledge are Fed-Ex, which has vowed to train 5,12,000 workers; General Motors, 10,975; Microsoft, 10,000; The Home Depot, 50,000; IBM, 1,00,000 and Lockheed Martin, 8,000.

For its part, the American Trucking Association promised to offer vocational training to 50,000 people, the Associated Builders and Contractors to 5,00,000 and the National Restaurant Association will provide for 3,70,000.

Representatives of companies and professional associations attended the signing of the pledge in the White House.

Trump also signed an executive order to create the Council for American Workers so that "students and workers have access to affordable, relevant, and innovative education and job training".

The Council will be made up of public officials, but Trump said that in the coming weeks he will also establish an external board comprising representatives from the private sector that will work together with the Council.


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