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August 08 : Having left an impressive political career spanning over a duration of 50 years, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi or Kalaignar as people lovingly called him have left a lasting legacy behind him that will be remembered by generations to come.

Below is a timeline describing some of the most famous events in his life:

1924: June 3, 1924 marks the birth year of M Karunanidhi who was initially called Dakshinamurthy by his parents.

1938: At the age of 14, he joins the Justice Party & led an Anti-Hindi protest thus beginning his venture in to the political world.

1942: Publishes a hand written newspaper titled ‘’Maanavar Nesan’’ before being called Murasoli – DMK’S official newspaper.

1944: He becomes a screen writer at Jupiter pictures.

1947: A movie called “Rajakumari” is released that was scripted by him.

1949: The Dravidar Kazhagam is split into 2 where Karunanidhi joins Annadurai to form an individial group called Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam or the DMK.

1952: The release of the movie Parasakthi starring Sivaji Ganesan which faced controversies with a likely ban due to the nature of its subject-Brahmanism & also incorporated ideas of the Dravidan ideology.

1953: The Kallukdi demonstration where the name of Kallukudi was to be changed to Dalmiyapuram, a decision made by a Dalmiya group who decided to build a cement plant in the area. as Karunanidhi led the protest by lying on the railway tracks after which he was arrested.

1957: At the age of 33, for the 1st time Karunanidhi gets elected to the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

1961: Appointed as a treasurer of the DMK.

1962: Appointed as a Deputy leader of opposition in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

1967: Appointed as the Public works minister.

1969: The 1st time Karunanidhi becomes the Chief Minister after the passing away of ex-CM Annadurai and DMK’s 1st leader.

1971: Becomes CM for the 2nd time.

1972: MGR and Karunanidhi break ties with each other, where MGR forms the AIADMK.

1976: Dismissal of DMK government by Indira Gandhi, with the so-called reason being ‘’corruption’’.

1980: Allies with Congress.

1989: Elected as the CM for the 3rd time,13 years later, followed by the death of MGR.

1991: DMK party is dismissed, due to allegations of allies with LTTE.

1991: The 1st DMK member to be elected to the Assembly, after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

1996: Forms an alliance with the Tamil Maanila Congress led by G.K.Moopanar. Becomes CM for the 4th time.

1999: Allies with the BJP-Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt.

2001: Arrested by cops for reasons claiming corruption in the construction work of 10 flyovers in Chennai.

2003: Withdraws from the BJP-Atal Bihari Vajpayee govt.

2004: Allies with Congress once again and wins the Lok Sabha elections.

2006: DMK becomes victorious. Karunanidhi becomes the Chief Minister for a 5th time.

2009: Goes through a spinal surgery operation leaving him bound to a wheelchair.

2011: Karunanidhi loses the State Assembly election, with reasons being DMK member’s involvement in the 2G scam.

2014: Dismisses his son, Alagiri from his party. Loses in the State Assembly.

2016: Gets admitted and discharged from a hospital.

2018: Completes 5 decades as party chief in the DMK.

2018: Karunaidhi passes away on Tuesday at the age of 94.

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