Actress Monalisa at the red carpet of "Gold Awards 2018" on June 19, 2018.(Image Source: IANS)

Mumbai, Aug 22 : Actress Monalisa says she likes to play pranks on the set of her show "Nazar".

"I love playing pranks on set, especially on Harsh Rajput. I switched off the lights on the set while he was shooting and when everyone wondered how it happened, I stood behind Harsh and used my 'Daayan' laughter to scare him," Monalisa said in a statement.

"Not only did it startle him, but he also did not turn back to see who it was and kept on walking ahead. Only when the lights got turned on, Harsh realised it was me and cracked up knowing that I played a prank him," she added.

Monalisa plays Harsh's on-screen birth mother.

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