Models wearing Suits
Models wearing Suits. Image Source: Xinhua/Wang Jian/IANS

New Delhi, Nov 23 : Oversized clothes may have been in trend but when it comes to a formal suit, a perfect fitting is what a man hankers for. It is generally advised to have bespoke experience for formal suits. But there are important things to remember before buying your suit off the rack or getting it tailor made.

Salesh Grover, Business Head, OSL Luxury Collections Pvt. Ltd.-Corneliani, and Sunil Mehra, Founder and Designer at House of Sunil Mehra explain what a good fit actually looks like.

  • Shoulders of a jacket: The seam of the shoulders and sleeve should exactly meet where your arm joins the shoulders, it should always lie flat on your arms. This is one of the basic and utmost important area of a suit that defines your fit very well.
  • Length of a jacket: The top button of a jacket shouldn't fall below your navel. At least half an inch of your shirt's cuff should be visible underneath the sleeves of the jacket. Try buttoning your jacket and check for any lines appearing around the waist. If it does, you definitely need a bigger size.
  • Decide your fabric: To encounter the winters with poise, one can opt for wool silk, alpaca or linen silk fabrics. Making it luxurious, cashmere and cashmere blends are the ideal choice.
  • Hem of the trousers: For a clean fit, one can go for a slant hem. Ideally while standing, your socks should never be visible. Trousers hem should sit exactly on top of the shoe.
  • Trouser fit: A perfect fitted trouser should support your natural waist without having the need to wear a belt. Avoid saggy pants. Men with thin legs can go for slight narrow bottoms whereas men who have thick thighs should opt for straight fit pants. To make the fall of the trousers straight and classy, the length of it must be kept a little higher from the ankle.

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