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January 1 : New Year 2019 has spread her wings! Just as we all gear up to enjoy the splendid break of 2019, you might as well may want to peek into the holiday list of 2019.

From long lazy weekends to festivals, the list will update on all these aspects. These include bank holidays, as well Public festive holidays for India. The first section contains all compulsory holidays on a national basis. The rest of the holidays are restricted and will vary from state to state.

National Holidays

  • Jan 26th: Republic Day
  • Apr 17th: Mahavir Jayanti
  • Apr 19th: Good Friday
  • May 18th: Buddha Purnima
  • June 5th: Eid-ul-Fitr
  • Aug 12th: Bakrid/Idu’l Zuha
  • Aug 15th: Independence Day
  • Sept 10th: Muharram
  • Oct 8th: Dussehra/ Vijaya Dashami
  • Oct 27th: Diwali/ Deepawali
  • Nov 10th: Milad ul Nabi
  • Nov 12th: Guru Nanak’s Birthday
  • Dec 25th: Christmas

Other Restricted Holidays in India

January Holiday List 2019

  • Jan 1st: New Year’s Day (many states)
  • Jan 2nd: Mannam Jayanti (Kerala)
  • Jan 11th: Missionary Day (Mizoram)
  • Jan 12th: Swami Vivekananda Birthday (West Bengal)
  • Jan 13th: Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti (Punjab)
  • Jan 14th: Bhogi (Few States)
  • Jan 15th: Makara Sankranti/ Pongal (Few States)
  • Jan 15th: Tusu Puja (Assam)
  • Jan 26th: Republic Day

February Holiday List 2019

  • Feb 5th: Losar- Tibetan New Year (Sikkim)
  • Feb 10th: Vasant Panchami (Few States)
  • Feb 19th: Shivaji Jayanti

March Holiday List 2019

  • Mar 4th: Maha Shivratri (Many States)
  • Mar 21st: Holi (Many States)
  • Mar 22nd: Bihar Divas (Bihar)

April Holiday List 2019

  • April 1st: Account Closing Day (only for Banks)
  • Apr 6th: Ugadi/ Gudi Padwa(Many States)
  • Apr 13th: Bihu Festival (Few States)
  • Apr 14th: Ram Navami(Many States)
  • Apr 14th: Vaisakhi (Punjab)
  • Apr 15th: Bengali NewYear (West Bengal, Tripura)
  • Apr 15h: Vishu (Kerala)
  • Apr 17th: Mahavir Jayanti (Few States)
  • Apr 19th: Good Friday (Many States)

May Holiday List 2019

  • May 1st: Labor Day (Many States)
  • May 12th: Buddha Purnima (Few States)

June Holiday List 2019

  • June 5th: Eid-ul-Fitr (Many States)
  • June 17th: Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti (Few States)

July Holiday List 2019

  • July 4th: Rath Yatra (Odisha)
  • July 31st: Karkkadaka Vavu (Kerala)

August Holiday List 2019

  • Aug 12th: Bakrid (Many States)
  • Aug 15th: Independence Day
  • Aug 15th: Raksha Bandhan (Many States)
  • Aug 17th: Parsi New Year (Gujarat, Mumbai)
  • Aug 23rd: Janmashtami (Many States)

September Holiday List 2019

  • Sept 2nd: Vinayaka Chaturthi (Many States)
  • Sept 10th: Muharram (Few States)
  • Sept 11th: Onam (Kerala)
  • Sept 12th: Third Onam (Kerala)
  • Sept 13th: Fourth Onam (Kerala)
  • Sept 14th: Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi (Kerala)
  • Sept 28th: Mahalaya (Few States)

October Holiday List 2019

  • Oct 2nd: Mahama Gandhi Jayanti
  • Oct 6th: Durgashtami (Few States)
  • Oct 8th: Dussehra/ Vijaya Dashami (Many States)
  • Oct 27th: Diwali (Many States)

November Holiday List 2019

  • Nov 2nd: Chhath Puja (Few States)
  • Nov 10th: Milad ul Nabi
  • Nov 12th: Guru Nanak’s Birthday (Many States)

December Holiday List 2019

  • Dec 25th: Christmas: Bank Holiday

Note: Apart from this, every Second Saturday and Fourth Saturday will be a holiday.

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