London, Jan 25 : Queen Elizabeth II has urged Britons to fd "common ground" and respect "different pots of view" after MPs rejected the Brexit deal last week even as deadle of the UK leavg the European Union draws closer.

Speakg at an event to mark the 100 years of Sandrgham Women's stitute Norfolk on Thursday, the Queen said: "The contued emphasis on patience, friendship, a strong community focus, and considerg the needs of others, are as important today as they were when the group was founded all those years ago.

"Of course, every generation faces fresh challenges and opportunities. As we look for new answers the modern age, I for one prefer the tried and tested recipes, like speakg well of each other and respectg different pots of view; comg together to seek out the common ground; and never losg sight of the bigger picture," the 92-year-old British monarch said.

She said these approaches were "timeless, and I commend them to everyone".

With a fresh vote on Prime Mister Theresa May's deal for leavg the EU due next week, BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said there was little doubt the Queen was "sendg a message", as without consensus the UK would have to leave on March 29 with no deal unless they can agree on a way forward.

Commentators said the remarks would defitely be seen as referrg to the Brexit debate, the BBC said. "It is impossible to image that the head of state would use a construction of words such as this without it beg appreciated that they would be seen as a reference to the current political debate," Witchell said, addg her words echoed the theme of her Christmas broadcast.

The Queen, as head of state, remas neutral on political matters and does not usually express her views on contentious issues.

The Queen's remarks came as May is due to return to the House of Commons with her revised plan for Brexit on January 29, after her deal was rejected by MPs a historic defeat on January 15.

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