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January 31 : Are you feeling all blue this Valentine's? Or maybe have a few bitter experiences hanging close to your heart? Well, this time- we can give an idea and that falls nothing short of sweet revenge!

Give the name of your Ex- Lover to a Cockroach. Oh yes, did you just gasp? Well, you better pinch yourself as well, because it true!

This year, the Hemsley Conservation Centre has brought a rather cute program that offers anyone to name a cockroach in their zoo after the name of their Ex- Lover!

All you have to do is:

  • Get into the Hemsley Conservation Centre website.
  • Pay a small fee to name the critter.
  • And voila you get a digital certificate holding the name of your ex on a roach!
  • They will send the certificate straight into your inbox.
  • It is so simple and best part, they will use the funds to upkeep the zoo.
  • Plus, you have no further obligations with the insect. No adoption or ownership. Just lending a name to the cockroach.
  • Now, you can pay it straight out of Debit card, as the amount is small. No PayPal, no credits and no fuss!

What’s the Bonus?

  • You can have a good laugh as you are part of the "Name a Cockroach Programme".
  • Plus, indirectly you are helping look after the world and the flora and fauna in it. Your donation could help them a lot.
  • Now, what if you don’t have an ex, then probably you could name with someone who has stung your thoughts earlier in life.
  • Finally, get a feel good inside, without actually taking a revenge on someone who left your side.

Special Editions: Happy Valentine's Day to All. Check it Out!!

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