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February 5 : Have you spotted out your Valentine this year? If yes, then do not assume that Valentine is a one day affair.

It is much more extravagant than you can ever imagine. Yes, we all know that Valentine’s Day is the 'Special Day of Love' and is celebrated on the 14h of February. A sweet time when you can gift anyone whom you love and care for in life.

Valentine is all about spreading the feel and message of love, compassion and care to your fellow human being.

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Now, get those Special Days of Valentines

Rose Day -7th of February

Get your bouquet of roses ready and gift to the special one, or a couple of loved ones. You could give red roses to your lover, and yellow ones to anyone you actually care for!

Propose Day- 8th of February

You must have understood what this day is all about. Go ahead, and propose to the one who is capable of making you skip a beat! This is just the second day and the merry time has just kicked off.

Chocolate Day- 9th of February

Chocolate is synonymous with love and Valentines. Plus, if your partner has a sweet tooth- this day should be a chocolate fiesta for you. Express your love, and feelings with the best chocolates you get in town.

Teddy Day- 10th of February

Who says teddies are for children? We all have a kid in us, and be your kiddish and fun loving image on this day. Express your love with a cute teddy gift on this Teddy Day.

Promise Day- 11th of February

This day holds a very important place in this love month. Take your promises seriously and promise that you both will back up each other always.

Hug Day- 12th of February

Actions speak a lot, and your much wanted hug is a star of the day. Give a generous, bear hug to your loved one and cherish those intimate moments.

Kiss Day- 13th of February

One day before Valentines, you get to kiss the special one in your life. As simple, as the word sounds, you need to be genuine and make this day worth remembering all your life.

Valentine’s Day- 14th of February

Finally, the great day arrives! A day to openly express your love to anyone special in your heart. Let this day be- a day when you gift, enjoy and love each other with no boundaries whatsoever. For those, who have no partners- that’s ok. You can always chill out with your trusted friends, or have a dinner date with your family. It may sound funny, but yes, it will be worth the time.

Now, emotions will go downhill after the Valentine’s Day and maybe why these days are part of the Anti- Valentine Week.

Slap Day- 15th of February

One a slap, and two a slap and you might as well- cry a bit and walk away to your own caves of thought. It is a fun day, and definitely not meant for violence. So, stick to sweet and friendly slaps.

Kick Day- 16th of February

After the slap, get prepped up for that weird day called Kick day! Just chill, have a party and all partners can enjoy having a lovable kick. In some places, it is the day when ex- lovers see each other and kick. Wondering, why should they ever meet? Same did we!

Perfume Day- 17th of February

If love is in the air, then a touch of sweet smelling fragrance will make the day even better. Get fragrances you love, and feel positive the whole day. It could be a therapy that people created long back to be at peace, and bring back the love among people.

Flirt Day- 18th of February

Now, as the name suggests- flirt and have fun doing so. And mind you, no strings attached on this day! Just have fun! Love, giggle, play naughty, and build a totally relaxed relationship.

Confession Day- 19th of February

Okay, time to spill the beans, guys! If there has been anything toxic in your relationship, speak it out today. After all, life needs to be enjoyed by both! Have hope that things will work out well, and for God sakes'- think positive and you will get good results from this confession.

Missing Day- 20th of February

Miss someone after all that confession? Well, we all are humans, and an error is never too grave to forgive. Is it? If you are in the blues, time to put on your shoes and pay a visit to your fav hangout place. It will ease your sadness and the miss feel will subside.

Breakup Day- 21st of February

Okay, we have our own likes and dislikes and if you both want to breakup and live your own lives- then do so on this day. Nothing bad in this, but take it as an experience to move on in life. Don't be harsh to yourself or blame anyone. This love failure needs time to heal and take help from friends and family.

If you are deeply drenched in love, then these days is important to you too. Find ways to make partners less angry or disappointed in life. If not, this time- maybe next time- a new love will come back in search of your soul.

BTW, have you checked whether your relationship will work out or not? This love calculator will help you calculate the possibility of a successful relationship between two people.

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