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February 7 : Roses hold a special place in all our hearts and in the second month of the year. The month of February is all about love, affection and care.

Every year in the month of February, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day and this is one day when lovers go ga-ga over each other. If there is one day, when we think our partner is the biggest gift we ever got on Earth – then that would be Valentines for sure!

But Valentine Day does not come knocking on your door- for just one simple day. It has got a list of those special days- wherein you need to follow; to experience the true essence of love and companionship.

Rose Day 2019- The Romantic Flower of Love

As the love week fills the care, and as people are busy jotting their gift options, or perhaps wondering what they may get in return- what are you doing?

This time kick start the Valentine week with gifting one of the most simple, yet elegant and fragrant symbol of love- The Rose.

So, officially you have stepped into the first day of love- Rose Day!!

Why Rose if you ask?

Rose has since the olden days been a symbol of love, friendship, happiness and so on. And, did you own that differently coloured roses mean different things?

If no, then get a lovable grasp of the Rose world. If you did know, there is still no harm knowing how to choose the perfect rose for that special one.

Your special one could be your love, your bestie, your sibling, your parents, or anyone you respect, care and adore in life.

So, until you get more mushy updates on how to gift your love, why don’t you gift them with new, rose options apart from the conventional red rose!!

Which Rose to choose for Rose Day? Meaning, Colour and Importance of Roses

White Roses are auspicious!

Gift a white rose to first love, to your mentor, to the one who truly cares for you. It denotes innocent and pure love. Of course, if you are about to strike the wedding bells, then this may not be the one. Go for the red ones instead!

Red Roses are an epitome of love

If Valentine is meant for couples who wish to exchange their deepest emotions of love to their better half- then opt for fresh bright red roses. Without much fuss, the message gets across and your day will be splendid.

Yellow Roses show exuberance

Love your friends? Who says Valentine is all about the soul mate mush? Never linger on that! Your friends are the ones stay with you through thick and thin. So, this time- gift them with yellow roses to show your gratitude with regard to your friendship. Plus yellow roses are known to denote pure, un-adulterated friendship.

Orange Roses are for the passionate

Got a hundred feelings bursting up there? Are you extremely tongue- tied to tell your special partner know that? Why not give her a bunch of bright orange roses? Yes, that would say it all! It stands for the robust passion you have for them. Now, if you have a friend who achieved a great milestone in their life and you seem to be extremely proud of them- then go on and gift orange roses.

Pink Roses - The Thank you Bloom

Feel grateful for someone who helped you recently or last year? Has someone made an everlasting footprint in your life? If they are the reason for your smile today, today it is the right day to express your gratitude- gift a bunch of baby pink roses !

So, which one rose would you choose?

Each rose means something, and they represent something very intricate and delicate as love!

If you feel, you have somebody who could be bestie, lover and soul mate, why not mix and match and surprise them with an exotic blend of coloured roses? Wish them love, and good health always. And stay by their side all your life.

Hey, if you haven’t ordered your bunch yet, hurry and get one to bloom the beauty of this day!

Happy Rose Day to all of you reading this special edition!!

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