Happy Promise Day(Image Source: Prokerala.com)

February 11 : Promise day 2019 is here. Just a few days before the big day which is February 14th ofcourse. A day to assure someone you love that no matter hard the journey was going to get you’ll still do something big for that person. Knowing all the risks that may come your way and the sacrifices you’ll have to make, you still make a promise to that special person anyway.

For maybe that is what life is all about, Promises making them and never breaking them. Here are a few Promise Day greetings to share for that special someone in your life

For all the promises you have made,

and for all promises you’re still about to make,

Happy Promise Day !!

Image Source: Prokerala.com

Promises for Valentine

Promise Me that we will still be together,

Even if we still may not be able to see each other.

Happy Promise Day dear !!

From fake smiles and funny lies,

From saying things like,”its all going to be alright”

and coming up words just to not see me cry

Happy Promise Day love !!

It was hard and yet you made them,

Years later I keep looking

And still can’t find a single one of them broken

Happy Promise Day !!

Image Source: Prokerala.com

Love and Promise your Valentine

We may be miles and seas apart ,

But promise Me that we’ll still be in touch

Happy Promise Day !!

To the greatest promise person I’ve ever knew !!

Happy Promise Day !!

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