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February 11 : Hey, you have reached the fifth day of the Love Valentine Week? If you have followed this special romantic order, then perhaps you would have guessed the beauty of this day.

It’s none other than the Promise Day 2019 and yes, this is the day when you can reveal the deep, undying love promises you have for someone.

Don’t keep your feelings burrowed within you. Show it out, say it with all the sincerity you have for your loved one. Actually, you never know- that person could be waiting for that lovey dovey message from your side. So, why wait? Make them happy, and let your words be the reason for their smile today!

For those, who are still wondering about this day is about, here is a snapshot about it.

Happy Promise Day 2019 is the 5th day of the Valentine Week 2019 and just like the name- all lovers can go ahead and speak out the promises to stay faithful and together for a lifetime.

Even this is a great day for married couples, who can promise each other to keep by each other all their life. Such special messages will make the relationship even stronger.

What promises can you and your love make today on Promise Day 2019?

Even though many people may not believe in the tradition of exchanging promises to each other- your partner may be waiting for that. So, let them enjoy it.

Let them feel that they chose the right person to hold their hand all their life. A little act of sweet promises could make your love life move on in a much better way. So, share your promises and read to find what you could promise him/ her.

Special Editions: Happy Valentine's Day to All

7 Heart warming promises to make today

Nothing behind the curtains

Stay loyal to your partner. Lust, passion are a part of life, but there is nothing to blame anyone. But enjoy those intimate moments with none other – but your dear partner. Being loyal is the foundation of any relationship.

Put Oneself in their Shoes

Before you do anything in life, or say something to them- imagine that you are that person. If your action or word is likely to hurt them, then try not to say bad things or engage in rude actions,. Anger dampens relationships, whereas a little patience and care can help the relationship to move on. So, this time think from their point of view and then only act towards them,. If you think- you may hurt the person- refrain from that thought or action.

Let the past go to dust

If the past of your partner is questionable, do not bother about it. Everyone makes mistakes in their arrogance or ignorance. Have the mind to forgive and move on. By poking the past- you can neither you cannot solve nor make good of it, so instead focus on a happy relationship from now on. Let it get get buried deep down. Past is past after all!

Fights should not prolong

Remember that you both are no more a bunch of silly kids, but mature adults who have understood that you love each other a lot. Love is not always about kisses, hugs and cheesy gifts. It’s about loving the imperfections in your loved one also. It is natural to fight or express your opinions, but make sure that you control your tongue (in the world of anger) and also never let that quarrel move on to the next day. It isn’t worth it! Solve, talk it out and by night time- you need to be one!

Reveal your darkest face

We all have our flaws. Choose a partner who is mature enough to accept that too. Also, never keep your demerits or weaknesses or failures in secret mode. Share it with your partner. If you talk it out with them they probably could help you out. To not tell is a bigger issue than you may ever think. From quirky erotic habits to dreams that bother you- say it all. Be a transparent slate to the one – who you feel will support you all your life. If your relationship has not reached that stage, then probably you need to keep say it still. If they are okay, then that would build the trust factor for both of you. If they get upset, give them the freedom to decide anything about the relationship.

Decisions need to be made together

Promise each other that whatever decisions you take in life – should be taken together. Be it about investments, jobs, career, finance, family and children, religion, social circles and so on- make sure that both of you are on the same page.

Respect and let live

Respecting any individual is an important trait in life. When it comes to love life and marriage, you need to give special care, you should respect the opinions, likes and dislikes of your loved one. That is when you truly care for them. So, promise to give them their space, allow them to pursue their dreams and also be together through thick and thin.

Wishing all of you a truly memorable Happy Promise Day 2019 . Stay faithful and cherish each and every moment with your loved on today. Exchange your promises for a budget dinner, or at a movie theatre- but be sincere!

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