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February 11 : With love in the air, this is specially for all the ladies out there. When the world had carved a special day for lovers, good friends and best pals, then why not celebrate it in style?

This Valentine’s Day- dress to look sexy and most importantly- feel confident inside out!

Here is a must do list of makeup tips that you can keep in mind for the great V-Day:

To begin with, you need to start cleansing from deep inside. Focus on clean, organic products that are available in the market today. Your skin care regime should include the following process: Cleanse, tone and then moisturise the skin.

It is necessary that you scrub the skin to remove the dirt, open the pores and most importantly – it brightens the skin. With the old flaky skin out the way, you will see a fresh, flushed face in the mirror.

Next, apply a face mask to hydrate and nourish the skin. Any fruit mask that you regularly use is fine. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then rub gently and was off with cold water.

Makeup Time

First, go for the Matte Primer. Apply it evenly to conceal the imperfections that the spoil the skin tone. Once that is done, you can step into a foundation.

It is advised that you use two shades- A shade that is lighter than your skin colour and also a shade that id darker than your skin colour.

The light one can be applied on the T-zone area, while the dark one for the rest of the face and the neck.

This allows to create a model like sculpted feature on your face.

For the Hair

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and then pamper it with a conditioner. Wash off the soapy contents with cold water and wrap the hair with a warm towel.

Once that is done, sit calm for 30 minutes. Then unwrap and leave to dry with the help of a hair dryer. Style your hair in any way you like.

Never tie your hair too tight, as that causes a lot of tension within the scalp and encourages hair breakage.

For the Lip care

Just like the skin, our lips also get limp and dry. Use a sugar scrub and rub the lips gently. This will remove the dry skin and make the skin soft and supple. Then you can use any lipstick and lip gloss that you like.

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What’s the latest trending V-Day Lipstick?

Looks like it happens to be purple and looks great on all. An unusual change from the normal bright red lipstick.

Cheek care Time

Get a blusher brush and and lightly brush at the cheek hollow areas. Try using a honey type bronzer and that often matches with all skin shades.

If you like shimmer, then just add a bit of it. Using a fan brush, shimmer the forehead slightly and it will look spectacular.

Eye Care Time

Now, for the eyes, give them life with subtle makeup but these few tips will grab all the attention. Give the eyes an instant matte to improve the vibrancy of the eye shadow. Give matching colours for the under eye and eye lid.

If you prefer to give a gold colour stick to the eye lids and then top it with an earthy shade – it will look sensual and will highlight your features well. You can use the black liner to line the eye lids. For the lower lash, mix it up with a bright eye shadow and give that smokey effect.

Complete the look with some mascara, and also the brows can be done with a definer and finally finish with a transparent mascara.

Nail Care

Use a Nail Lacquer that matches your complexion. Do not use anything funky, just be very lady like and you will look fabulous.

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What types of Valentine Looks can women put on?

Makeup is a very delicate subject and that is something you need to be comfortable. The wrong shade of makeup could create havoc to your look, so it is only wise to these tips.

Of course, we all look in any way we want. But, Valentine’ Day is all about spending with your loved one. So, that means you dress to impress that special partner. IF you wear something that suits their taste, then they will go bonkers over you.

The Cute Next Door Girl Look

For the cute next door look, just apply minimal makeup and the point is to look clean, and as fresh as a daisy. Give a peachy, lightly blushed look and look like a princess.

The Glam Look

Okay, one step ahead. If this is your first date, the give your lips a dark lipstick to strike out. It is bold, and sexy by all means! That bright lipped look is perfect for your V- DAY.

The Smokey Look

Smokey and sexiness seem to go hand in hand. If you love your partner, then go ahead and feel free to add that sexy look to your face. Play with your eye shadows and smoke it around there. But keep the blushers and the lipstick to a minimal level. Look at him and catch him admiring you in the most cutest way!

Also, here you can tip in a bit more mascara and give your eye lashes all the attention it needs on the Valentine’s Day.

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